Tuesday, December 09, 2008


it has been like this since early in the morning. clouds seem reluctant to get out of the way and let the sun shining down on us. it was the most gloomy morning i have ever encountered since moving into this apartment and i can't explain why. like some people would say 'as gloomy as my heart'. it does portray my mood, though, at the time being and i am not sure when will all the things change. when i woke up at 9 this morning, i had found out that today wouldn't have been the same day as before. pressure came mounting on my shoulders and it was ready to snap the hell out of my arms from their hinges. come to think, i already blabbed something that is far from sane earlier on. i can still see huge mist covering on top of the hill even though it is already in the afternoon. in other words, rain is yet to say good bye. it may offend other people but i like it this way. i have always find peace when it rains. there were times when i was little i would silently pray to God that He would hear my wish for rain in the middle of my prayer time. it may not be sensible to others but it did to me. there was nothing like little downpour in the afternoon accompanied by good shows on tv. i hope it will stay like this, at least for another hours or so, therefore peace may be blessed upon me, amin.

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