Tuesday, December 02, 2008

camera, wedding and all the hectic schedule

dad had a mild idea of asking us to go to the 'fine' country while accompanying him taking exams and we unsuprisingly agreed with him. having the idea of going to spore and shop till we drop is fun, thinking the trip won't be as much thrilling make us down  bit. we intended to stay for not more than four days and go back on the fifth of the day of our stay. but this is the catch, we have to pack up again as soon as we reached home to get ready for our next trip to hometown. and this trip will take place right on the 2nd day of our arrival from spore. good eh? record breaking in our own way. thank goodness, our plan to spore has been canceled, so we will be able to rest before the D day. a friend of mine will get married this december and guess what? i have to wear kebaya in her wedding day. surprise to everybody, i can't question her decison and make her to accept that I HAVE NOT EVEN ONCE wear kebaya in my whole life. looks like i have to learn from now on, i won't know what will be coming in the future. learning is never fun but it is worth all the pain. anyway, my dad is planning  to buy me a dslr camera as a birthday gift, hopefully this december. and i can't wait to see it materialized in front of my eyes. i have been wanting to own a dslr camera for some time and been going to several places asking and touching them just to make sure i'll make the right choice. i still have lingering doubts over the performance of the two contenders. one thing is for sure, what is life without even taking a risk. so, i will brace to the end and whatever the result might tell me, flaw is evidently real.

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