Tuesday, December 02, 2008

maddening week

i usually change the font and its color but this time, i won't be bothered. i have been checking some celeb news in the internet and found good pics of suri cruise and eva mendes. both of them are my favorite people in hollywood. well, actually suri cruise is an exception coz she's not an actress and all. she happens to be a daughter of one of the famous actor in hollywood, tom cruise. contrary to what other people say, she's adorable and has style of her own. i don't agree with some of the critics claiming that cruise's career has far from rejuvenating. don't worry tom, you can learn everything from becks who had similiarly been dubbed 'failure' after his transfer to LA Galaxy. i found cute pics of david beckham and his sons too. mummy is away to home soil england and it seems the boys can take time off watching basketball with their dad. although they don't seem to care about the game but the pics clearly tell that the beckhams are loving each other no matter what other people say. i can't wait to see him off to AC Milan this winter and play some football there with stars like ronaldinho, kaka and sheva. he won't be treated as superstar that's for sure but he has never asked to be treated like one. he can get a glimpse of italian football and i hope he can use this as an opportunity to improve his deadly ball skill, although he may be down in the pecking order since Milan have already 2 other players who can swirl the ball to the corner. i found as well that LA Galaxy forward landon donovan is due to join bayern munich this close season to get his match fitness checked. now now, gentlemen is it not an inspiring figure of david beckham? while many criticized his loan move to Milan, his teammate has taken it as an advice. MLS isn't running as long as other leagues in europe, so it will be impossible for becks to join england team without actually playing any regular match. tot spur boss harry redknapp has put a light over injury list in england camp. it seems there will be an absence in the next game as theo walcott is nursing a shoulder injury and won't be back in the nick of time. he said that aaron lennon is ready to take the winger's place. since becks is considered by many as, marginalized, lennon will definitely answer the call. my call is, let's just wait and see.article-1090668-02A6ECEE000005DC-496_468x798

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