Tuesday, December 09, 2008

half asleep

i nearly fell asleep few minutes ago. i had no idea how this could have happened? one could simply say, "you need your break, give it a rest will ya". i can't sleep right now although i really want to. a lot of things have been burning inside of my head and i am hopeless to get them out of mind. if i decided to have a sleep right at this moment, i would probably be waking up for the next hours unable to close my eyelids. still, i can't barely holding the urge to close my eyes. i need to work on my sleep hours though. sleeping past 12am doesn't help refresh my look. i have to look great on that day, so no one would ridicul me in the party. i have to start make my line of reasons to avoid messed up events in the future. people like to hear someone else's bad luck, but turn their back when it's time to offer their helping hands. it is what you call life my dear and whether you like it or not you have to accept the way it is. nothing can turn it upside down unless God wants it that way. my eyes sore because of looking-non-stop-at-the-monitor activity in the past 2 hours. i am irritated for not able to open my spaceslive, and i don't know what happened to my email as i am 100% sure there will be more than 200 new messages waiting to be opened. laziness leads to destruction. i understand that i need to start check those messages but i can't bring myself to open every message and reply to its sender. most of them are just plain newsletter informing about something new has just hit the store nearby and they are going to give out 1/2 price if i buy in certain amount. irritating and confusing. those are probably lies anyway, so why bother to open them. hoaaeehhmmm....dusk is approaching. old people said, a girl shouldn't sleep when the dusk approaching; bad luck is due to tap in our life. i don't know how far those words are accountable, but sleeping at this hour may lead to soreness all over body. plus, there's something good need to be done.

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