Tuesday, December 09, 2008

red dots

well, i have never had this kind of rash before. it started when i ate delicious but poisonous prawns a couple of years ago. both of us went shopping  for groceries and found these delicious looking prawns with slightly lower price. in my understanding, eat seafood won't turn me into a swamp thing. i have had rashes before but nothing like this. when i was little i would sometime experience small rashes in some part of my body after eating seafood. but no need for me to take any medicine coz it would simply fade away. however, 2 years ago those prawns poisoned my blood and spreading it all over my body. i thought i was only having a mosquito bite and wasn't really putting much of attention as i had to pack my things to move them to our new home. but the itch got evilish on me and i couldn't stop scratching my face. i went to look in the mirror and shocked to see my face covered with red marks. without wasting any time i rushed upstairs to mom's room and quickly apply some ointment to relief the pain. it somehow got worse rather than better. it quickly spread to my other parts of my body and the pain was everwhelming. i felt like i was bitten by a dozen of bees and they wouldn't stop chasing me by taking turn to sting me. my sister went to help me applying ointment to all part of my body. i was puzzled and shocked at the same time. i know i have always had distant allergic to seafood but never got it worse than itches. i thought it was over and nothing could have ever happened to me again. i was wrong, of course as those rashes came back and haunt me for years to come. i had my dinner with my parents and decided to have it in my dad's favorite restaurant which offers seafood as their main dish. not thinking any bad thing could have happened to me, i had wonderful time that night. though an hour later, rashes had started to show their existence. but i didn't think anythng else that night as those rashes were gone the next morning. it went like that for weeks, until one night i was suspicious to what had befallen me in the past few weeks. to make it short, i went to my mom and said those rashes could have caused by prawns i had few weeks earlier. it was confirmed even further when i had soy sauce chicken the next day, i had ridiculous rashes on my back. the dish was of course, mixed with oyster sauce to live up the sensation. since then, i had to avoid any kind of seafood in many different occassions. to my annoyance, seafood is one of my favorite dish and prawn holds the number one spot. although i have visited doctors to cure this irritating allergy, nothing has come close to stop it except for only 2 days. as soon as my medicine runs out, i will suffer with rashes once more and it hurts me a lot. this rash is unlike any kind of itches i have had before. they burn my skin and continuously disturb my peace by scratching every now and then. no medicine can stop the pain of scratching. i wonder when i will be able to eat like i used to. i don't have to worry about what's inside in the dish. and i can be free from taking medicine once and for all. when and how?

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