Wednesday, January 14, 2009

becks to join Milan for longer period?

he sounded so certain few weeks ago, but the way he said these words didn't ease LA Galaxy's BOD in any way. he could have meant otherwise, but no one knows for sure. his team mates are more than welcoming to him and the fans surely liked his performance last week, so i guess it's only matter of time before he changes his mind. i will back him no matter how foolish his decision is, but still playing with one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe is more than tempting. furthermore, AC Milan have history to prolong an aging player to play beyond retirement age. take Maldini for example. he's 40 something and still play good football. there are other retired-age players in Milan and they all playing high flying football level in Europe. what could he ask for more?

Beckham doesn't sound too confident on going back to the La Galaxy as he 'will see what happens' after his loan deal with Milan...

Milan midfielder David Beckham has hinted at a longer stay with the San Siro giants when his loan deal expires in March.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid man is set to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy after his agreement with the Rossoneri ends.

However, speculation over a longer deal has been rife. Brazilian ace Kaka wants the Englishman to stay, and Becks has now hinted that he wouldn't mind the idea.

"The agreement is that I stay at Milan until the end of March and then go back," Beckham told The Sun. "Therefore I will stay here until that date and then we will see what happens."

Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani is also keen on an extension as he has been impressed with the midfielder so far.

The latest reports from Italy suggest the bald-headed chief is working to try and find a way of keeping 'Becks' for longer.

Meanwhile, the Rossoneri clash with Fiorentina at San Siro on Sunday, and Beckham is likely to make his full home debut for the team.

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