Wednesday, January 14, 2009

comments here and there (GOAL.COM)

there are good comments here and there, and i do like them all. it seems almost everyone was pleased with becks performance last week against AS Roma. Roma's midfielder Taddei even dropped good comment on becks display against his team.

After the game Roma's Taddei commented on two of Milan's best players on the pitch last night. “David [Beckham] is a great champion and he has nothing to prove,” revealed the skillful Roma ace. (TADDEI)                                   match-vs-hamburger-at-emirates-sevens-stadium-39

“I hope that Beckham’s stay in Milan lasts more than two months,” Kaka declared in a press conference at the Fifa World Player of the Year awards in Zurich.
“I do not know the exact terms of his contract, but it would be a great move that would benefit both he and the club.
“I would like Beckham to remain with us for six months, and even for some years,” he added.
“Against Roma he demonstrated his ability to sacrifice for his team mates, thus proving his great quality, and for this reason and more, I want him to remain with us,”(kaka)

i read this article from and quite astonished to find a man who can write something nicely on becks. most of newspapers, they are either printed or online, are spreading rumors and hate message to readers. so often they are putting bad words on their article, i almost thought there was no love for him anymore. is his fault that some people find him charming and easy to look at? of course it's not. nowadays, people are not only watching football for pleasure, but also for entertainment. trust me, if this hadn't been the case Sepp Blater the FIFA president wouldn't have been panicking to save 'below par' football clubs around Europe from sinking to much deeper black hole. a lot of clubs are now benefiting from their superstar players such as Ronaldo and David Beckham. by drawing attention to their club, sponsors will be coming like niagara falls. disagree? it's a fact my friend, i am right. here's the link to the respected article (hope it'll be there for months to come, or else) :

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