Monday, January 26, 2009

busy night or should i say morning

I had a feeling yesterday that i might have missed this week's match against Bologna. true to tell, i was disapointed and hoping there would be a replay the next morning even though i know there's a little chance for that to happen. it's aready 4.30 am and i haven't been able to put my mind at rest. some disturing images came into play and i am certain it will only get worse. however, AC Milan won again this week and it showed some strong signal to Becks haters around the world that he is still worth the attention. moreover, he finally scored his first goal for AC Milan! must be a good one, too bad i couldn't watch the match. here's all the good ones:

Beckham- 7.5: He blasted in his first Serie A goal and was involved in many Milan moves. After Bologna were down to ten men he showed his skill-set with some fine passing and movement. (player rating for the match; courtesy of


Following his first goal in Rossonero colours, David Beckham has commented on the game and how long he will stay at Milan.

David Beckham scored his first goal in Italy on Sunday in Milan's 4-1 win over Bologna, and Kaka added two more to keep the team in touch with Juventus and Inter Milan.
Pato provided the assist for 'Golden Balls' on the hour mark.
Beckham revealed, “It was a really special goal, and in the same way it is very special to play here. The most important thing was for us to win and now we have even more belief in ourselves ahead of Wednesday’s game.”
The midfielder added, “I feel really good here [at Milan]. I have joined a squad that has wanted me for years and for I play for exceptional fans. I will remain here until March and then I will see. For now I am only thinking about playing.”

Peter Pedroncelli,


...But it was not only a special matchday for the Brazilian. It was also special for David Beckham, who gave a generous performance in the first half, and scored a brilliant fourth goal in the 15th minute of the second half, with a great right footed shot which beat Antonioli on his near post. It was the first goal in Italy for the English star, who was well served by Seedorf and who was suffocated by the embrace of all his team mates after scoring...

This article was taken from AC Milan official site

i will post a link to an article from which of course contain a preview of the game and hopefully they will store it for many years to come.


“If Beckham is fine with us, we are happy and the fact that he plays Is because he is a tactically intelligent player, disciplined and unselfish. He will decide what to do in his future. For the time it remains confirmed that on March 9 he will return in America. He's a very good player in the defensive phase, even though he has offensive characteristics and does not create any unbalance in the squad. I was expecting a player who would face more difficulties in adapting to the team, but his intelligence and qualities allowed him to come in and play. He’s a great professional, but he’s also a great man with noble sentiments and for this reason the other afternoon he accepted to come with me to meet Stefano Borgonovo who wanted to meet him.”

this is an interview and taken from AC Milan official site

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