Monday, January 26, 2009

it is frustrating indeed for not having what we desire to come to reality. a week before, i had been able to watch the match live, however i'd missed the last 15 minutes of the game. my dad had duty called and we were supposed to fetch him up at the airport very early in the morning, and unsurprisingly he accept no excuse. yesterday, AC Milan were having their match early in the afternoon (evening in our timezone), and was considered as comfortable time for me to watch the game live. unfortunately, this weekend premer league were ceased and replaced by FA CUP matches. so, no serie A for me. 

Arsenal played today and scored not a single goals against low profile club Cardiff, how that surpised me indeed. from the start of the game until the very end, Arsenal had not impressed at all and failed most of the time to score a goal. sometimes it is okay to have a go, rather than hovering around the penalty box without much of effort. i loved the way they passed the ball around and made it look complicated for regular footballer, however result is the most important thing. lack of command in the center midfield, made Arsenal look embarrassing. Wenger had made a promise to his young players in the reserve team to let them play outside premier league matches, and FA CUP is one of the example. last night Ramsey, Gibbs, Song, and Fabiansky made an appearance away from the Emirates stadium and most of them had not been impressive so far. Song and Gibbs had an intermittent good performance throughout the match while Ramsey and Fabiansky enjoyed silent match. i do think Ramsey is yet to be a player everyone is talking about and i can see he's far to be a class player. he missed his passes and those mistakes were threatning to Arsenal defense more than ever. i say, Arsenal were far better when Diaby and Adebayor came in to replace Ramsey and Eboue respectively. Wenger should have replaced both of the players from earlier of the match, we could have probably gone leading the first leg. o well, i could already imgine how the headlines would go. Arsenal fail to shine, or worse, The worse has yet  to come. i admit, the team made a lot of mistakes and failed to repay their debts. i hate this! at least, Liverpool were held by the visitors and may have to visit merseyside with huge task. hopefully, Arsenal will be able to fire bullets at home.

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