Friday, January 09, 2009

carlos on becks

becks has always been close with his ex real madrid teammate, roberto carlos. and this interview made it clear that the friendship is still going strong. i wish i could have said a lot more positive comment on it, unfortunately i am not in the mood of rambling about anyone else right now. so, here's the article ( and the link:

roberto carlo's proclaim milan's beckham as the best

The former Real Madrid team-mates got on well during their time at the Bernebeu, and the Brazilian has only compliments for the English free-kick specialist.

In an interview with UEFA Training Ground, Fenerbahce defender Roberto Carlos named David Beckham as the best free-kick taker he has ever seen.
The two footballers played alongside each other at Real Madrid for four years from 2003 to 2007, and in that time they had a system for deciding who would take free kicks.
Carlos revealed: “It depended on the position of the ball and the distance. I would shoot it along the short side of the wall or over it and he would shoot wide of the wall or over it.
"I would stand on one side and Beckham on the other, but I wanted to see Beckham take the free-kick because it's beautiful how he hits the ball.”
Beckham is currently on a short term loan at Serie A giants Milan in an effort to stay fit during the MLS off season, and the 33-year-old may get a few chances to take free kicks for the Rossoneri, providing that Ronaldinho and Andrea Pirlo allow it.
Roberto Carlos ended by saying: “Beckham was for me an enormous example as a person and a footballer.”


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