Thursday, January 08, 2009


i have been sitting in front of my computer for 2 straight hours now and hardly need to go somewhere else except for answering a nature call which has been banging the door over and over again. anyway, i have also been monitoring cesc health these past weeks. to remind myself, he was injured during a match against liverpool and suffered a knee injury. this of course, a huge setback for arsenal but they need to be strong and move on. it is no use sitting on the bench without doing anything worth mention for. while browsing on my favorite cesc fansite,

i have found a handfulcesc-fabregas-0422 pictures of young cesc playing a part in senior team while he was only 16 or 17. i remember his raw passes and tackles and i 'fell' in love instantly. God, how much i missseeing my old gunner squad. cesc was young, talented and truly a fighter. he loved to get involved in the game and not afraid to make those committed tackles. 3 or 4 years from that match, the young boy has become a captain of the team. what a wonderful life of cesc. get better soon captain cesc!


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