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i've always found good comments about Beckham's current adventure in Milan and at times i would post them to my blog for my future reference. it's good to read other people's view about David Beckham. although some of them were tainted with such hatred, the other half seemed applauded his decision to replace his time off with full throttle matches in San Siro. all of this because of his passion to play for his country. and i would suggest to every briton in the world to be proud of their fellow countryman. if Koreans are proud to have Park Ji Sung playing for man utd, Britons should feel the same way too. support Becks is one way to make England a true champion. probably, one thing that prevents England from winning any title is the fact that they can't accept their players the way they should be. criticizing won't help in any way except it is done in a professional way. here are comments from readers of Jeremy Wilson's article.


Beckham is one of the best players England have had in my lifetime. Shilton, Lineker, Shearer, Beckham would be the first four names in my lifetime England squad.
There were whole runs of England games where he was the only player we had on the park, ran the show single-handed, pulled us out of lethargy, confusion and mediocrity and injected the much-vaunted "passion" and, that rarity in British football's case, genuine quality.
And why does it not matter that he's a diligent hard working professional sportsman who's a very clean living athlete by today's football standards? I think they're pretty important characteristics in a fella who does act as some kind of 'role model' for countless youngsters.
He's not the brightest bulb on the porch but why does he have to be? 100+ international caps and $300 million in the bank suggest his constant mockers won't get him down in the dumps too often.
It's fashionable to dislike Beckham, half out of jealousy and half because he flounces about off the pitch and doesn't exude the raw, angry, gritty, spitting personal qualities which "proper," "real" fans seem to think are the starting point for a pro athlete. He's too nice, too remote, too Hollywood celebrity, not mockable in a celebrity Big-Brother kinda way. We can't seem to "take him down a peg or two," and it pisses us off. So we say he's crap and always has been.

tony davies

Well said. Beckham's celebrity might not be to everyone's liking but as a footballer he is pretty much the complete role model. Try finding a manager who has said anything negative about his approach to the game - and that includes Ferguson, who abhorred his wife. If we had a few more David Beckhams and Gary Linekers, and fewer Drogbas and Rooneys, football wouldn't be such a squalid spectacle with the majority of professionals seemingly devoid of any basic decency or integrity .

bob the horse

why do most people think the only type of winger allowed is someone who puts their head down and charges to the touchline? Beckham never really had pace so there is no reason why he cannot go on for a long time, as with Teddy Sheringham. The fact is - his cross is still the best in the world. Not having him in the England squad would be madness. We should be thankful he still cares enough to use his rest period playing for Milan just to make himself available to his country. Why does this get criticism when you consider the antics of some of his peers?

ely whitley

I've never understood this Beckham-baiting. George Best was, it should be said, an arsehead of the highest order off the pitch. His attempt at the playboy lifestyle was laughable and his selfishness without equal and yet he was held as a hero to all. Why then does Beckham's lifestyle off the pitch seem to get so many people hating his guts? WHy also do people keep on at his intelligence? What, exactly, has he done to warrant a lifetime of being labelled 'thicky'? His voice is a little high- oh well there you are then, must be stupid. I believe him to be really quite bright. In some of the most intense media witch hunts in football history he's been able to face packs of hungey press rooms with aplomb and integrity. No foul-mouthed tirades, no stumbling and mumbling and no more 'game-of-two-halves' cliches in his arsenal than any other footballer. He always tries to give a reasoned answer through the mire of expected auto-responses (which is more than can be said for most players who might as well just get a set of answers printed on their shirts so they can save themselves the hassle of speaking).Alex F sounds half cut most of the time but nobody assumes he's an idiot.
Beckham picked up Spanish pretty quickly and has managed to remain both a role model and an athelete for far longer than most in such a cut-throat world so, I ask again, why does everyone think he's thick when, for a footballer, he's clearly quite bright.

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