Friday, January 16, 2009

nothing new


it is not unusual nowadays reading headlines of Bush being ignored by his own people. few weeks ago, a handful of crowd gather up in front of Obama's house in Hawaii to protest Israel offensive attacks on Gaza and hoping the president-elect would lend a hand to make Israel stop their actions at once. such important issue it was, Obama could do nothing except to wait in line. there's only one president in the country and he did not intend to mix things up. these people could have held the march in Washington D.C, however they declined to do such as that because they consider the current president as lame duck. i do not make up the story, people!. yesterday George W. Bush wrapped up his administration by giving a 13 minutes talk on tv. this, as suggested in the article, has been a tradition since George Washington administration left the office many years ago. unfortunately, there was another top story worth cover for. an airplane made an emergency landing on Hudson river and miraculously, everyone was safe. i would like to take myself in a comfy chair and imagine the whole thing in my own way. if he hadn't been so aggressive to command endless war, he would have made an excellent exit and he would probably have been more appreciated; does this mean the airplane would not have made that landing, so all news channel would have covered his good bye speech in full minutes? only God knows. 

the whole Bush show is another perfect example of dominos effect. one bad choice will lead to another bad result; a single push and the other will follow. his determination to wipe Saddam Hussein off from this world for good did not make things better. violence leads to more grave situation. look at the world now, he has no face. everything has turned to grey and soon will look no better than dark. Mr. Bush, you have done enough damage to our world and because of you there are lots of people crying for their families, friends, homes and so many more. a question remains, how do we reverse our bleak situation?.

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