Friday, January 30, 2009

FA best player of the year

it is already 2009 and soon, the FA England player of the year will be announced, however not after stiff competition in the poll section. i believe the fans have the chance to pick their favorites and then finally those votes will be counted in a structure way to enable the best player win. i have yet to vote as i do have a strong feeling that my favorite player will not win this one. no offense, but he is not a popular figure in England especially in the recent times. people still respect for his passion but i doubt it they will vote for him since he’s not the number 1 choice in Capello’s term. it is probably down to his age, i mean if this guy could actually reverse his age, he would have done it long time ago. unfortunately, the curious case of benjamin button only happens in the movie. still, someone voted for him and made a brave comment on him, let’s read it

Michael Malpass chose David Beckham
"David has always risen to the challenge and he exemplifies why he is a true hero not only to children but as a positive role model that parents are proud for their children to look up to."

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