Friday, January 30, 2009

Inter hit by a scandal

i was obviously shocked by the news i read in claiming that Inter was involved in match fixing scandal. they threw away matches just to increase their chances for winning Scudetto. i don’t know how it means and how is it going to affect their chances to win the title. suddenly, the Juventus saga flashing back to me. three years ago, Juventus had been stripped from the championship at the end of the season. and guess what? Inter had been handed the title soon after the guilty charges applied to Juventus and it didn’t stop there. not only being stripped from the title, Juventus had also been banished to serie B. one level lower than serie A. since that year, Inter had always managed to clench their serie A title tightly from their rivals reach. wow! if this actually happened, i can’t imagine what would befall upon Inter. *sigh* why can’t you play fairly? or there is no such thing as fair in this life? figure yourself.

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