Thursday, January 29, 2009


by now, the result has deserted us to a world beyond our imagination. a draw will totally ruin AC Milan’s chances to win Scudetto for sure. it’s already 8 points gap and they have no spot in the champs league, therefore the only fair good chances will be EUFA Cup which of course proves to be one of the toughest European cup in history. if they had been able to conquer Genoa this morning, the gap wouldn’t have been so monstrous as it is today. what have gone wrong?. i could actually write a match analysis, however everyone else has done it so i don’t think i want to give more pressure on myself. whatever the result we got was never enough for us to say, “yup, we can make it to win the Scudetto”. 3 points in each game combined with luck, will certainly give us the trophy, however merely surviving the game is an act of a fool.  Inter had managed to win again and left Milan with nothing but jealousy glare. whose fault was it to let the result have gone the way it had?. the answer would be, the whole team which include managers and players themselves. yes, it was Ancelotti who called upon his players to barricade his defense line, however it was up to them to make it happen. i saw some glittering chances right before the conceded goal but they failed to grab the golden opportunity for their own sake. if i had been given a chance to make a suggestion, i would have chosen to take off Kaka and Beckham 10 minutes before the final whistle. it is solely because the two players deserved to be rested and continue the game as they had in the first half. Kaka was not himself that night and seemed lacked of pace in 20 minutes after the break, so he had to go. while Kaka was a bit abnormal yesterday, newcomer Beckham enjoyed a beautiful night with one more goal in his pocket. replacing Becks with someone who is more defensive such as Flamini would have been the answer, however i suggest to do this only when the time shows 80 minutes into the second half. do take note, Ancelotti replaced Becks on the 69th minute. I would love to see Ronaldinho  playing Kaka’s position to give more room for Pato to advance in the penalty box. the kid was doing really well and i can say he’ll succeed no matter what position he plays. Ancelotti decided that guarding his goal post with armed soldiers would have been the best solution instead of combining counterattack to regain team’s confidence. Genoa had few chances that nearly broke the deadlock and made them a better team from those nervous moments. it was then, i knew AC Milan would have been finished if they continue to back off. i was right, because no more than 10 minutes after that moment Genoa had made it more difficult for Milan to get closer to league leaders, Inter Milan. what a pity, it could have been the best match so far for Beckham in Milan but it was not meant to be. i have been asking the same question over and over again until my head hurts with so much pain. why God didn’t grant my wish?. when Manutd play, i always have the same prayer. i want them to lose badly and won’t be able to catch league leaders. however, my prayers were denied all the time. why?

reading people’s comments, both from readers and supporters made me realize that one tactical error could cause a lot. this, however not the first time Carlo Ancelotti made a horrendous decision which cost Milan 2 points. there were other matches that ended the same fashion. get a goal and then barricade the defense. among many of those critical comments, i have found this particular weird message. i assumed this man is a Chelsea fan and had watched the game intently. well, one person can actually be a fan of 2 or more football clubs from around the world. however, his comment wasn’t about Milan. he was talking about David Beckham!. it is seldom to see a fan of rival would fancy his opponent’s playmaker. it is true that David had left Manutd for so long and most probably this man had forgiven his goals against his beloved club, Chelsea that could be starting from Becks march to the exit door from Manutd stadium. well, a good fan can be found in this crazy world of football. nevertheless, it’s worth mention. i even post his comment in here (taken from

Chelsea FC fan: Beckham still has it.! go and take Peter Shiltons national record of England appearances (caps)!!! i know you can, so do it, cause you showed it in front Capello’s face, that you still have the golden touch ( and the golden balls)!!!

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