Tuesday, January 27, 2009

less is more

i know it is not significant to post comments of people who say positive things about Becks, but i like it anyway so i am going to put them here. these comments were taken from Daily Mail

Doesn't David look so nice in white?

- jack king, sw london, 26/1/2009 13:21

Profesional, serius and nice person.........David I'd like to have you in My AC Milan untill world cup.

- Francesco, Milan - Italy, 26/1/2009 12:20

What I love most about David Beckham, is how he can still celebrate scoring a goal as if it was the first one he ever scored. His attitude is refreshing in sport today and the people at Milan seem to be delighted with the way he works. He must be included in the England side, as an example to the youngsters.

- Catherine, Switzerland, 26/1/2009 11:53

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