Thursday, January 22, 2009

new story aroused

when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Real Madrid went pretty much last week, seeing their president walked toward the exit door. scandals were shadowing his premature career in Bernebau and sent him away from the Spanish capital. the recently vacate position is still held by the deputy, however there has been speculation that election would be held this summer to elect new president. i've said before that Predrag will be out from the office as soon as Mr. President walk. i may have wrong but i was rational to have said that considering his lack of popularity among Madrid fans. one example is David Beckham case. 2 years ago, when David Beckham contract was nearly expired, two of these officials seemed to lack desire to hire Becks for another term. the man himself had been saying time and time again that he would not leave to any club and would stick to Real Madrid until he's retired. however, instead of renewing his contract they had brought in new players and forgetting their first obligation with under-contract-player. when Becks had signed for Galaxy 6 months before his contract ran out, these two people allegedly forced Capello, former Real Madrid coach, to oust Becks from the squad and leave him on the sideline for the rest of the season. unfortunately, for both of them Becks was not someone to be pushed around. instead of sitting down on his house, he showed up every morning to join the rest of the team and train hard as if there had been nothing but rumors. his resistance to give up had put Capello in difficult position. moreover, he needed Becks to solve his problem in midfield. it seemed Becks was the missing puzzle. Real Madrid won the title, however they had lost a dedicated player with nothing but dust.

i have written down a page claiming that Real Madrid former president, Florentino Perez, could make a comeback following the exit of Ramon Calderon. and rumor has it that he might ask Zidane to come along and become his part of management. although this story has yet to be confirmed , everyone knows that these two have solid relationship and bringing Zidane back to his old club could propel Perez into someone important once more. i have to wait for news development regarding this interesting issue....

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