Thursday, January 22, 2009


i have no idea what is actually happening between Zenit and Arshavin's agent. i thought a deal had been sealed, however there was news today that the agent had not received any offers from Arsenal. i don't know which of this news are genuine, but i can guarantee this will not be the end. it is known, that Wenger is a fan of the player and wishes him to play in the Emirates. however, this tricky game played out by the two sides have tired everyone, especially the fans. if Zenit wants to sell him, name the price. but instead, they play hide and seek. one time they claimed to have received an offer of 17 million Euros from Arsenal, however the next day came a bizarre news saying, no deal had been reached. you know what Zenit? you can keep your player coz we don't want him anymore. if this is the way you conduct yourself, you must be a gold digger. what don't you try to sell him to Man  C, they might be interested and propose a deal worth $100 million. you think it's funny eh? try laughing at yourself when no one else is interested on the player anymore. now i can laugh it off...


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