Saturday, January 17, 2009

odd day

i am too lazy to post the article in my blog, but i am going to give the address anyway for future reference. everyone seems occupied with crazy transfer saga between Man City and AC Milan involving millions of dollars. whilst most of people are tightening their belts, these gentlemen seem 'out of touch'. 3 to 4 years ago we heard of the craziness of Roman Abramovich splashing his cash in the market twice a season just to buy one or two good players. some of these players have grown into the team but the others, were fading away like a mist. anyway, seeing this madness makes me sick to death. how on earth they are going to buy ONE player on such amount? he is not a PROPERTY! he may success but no one can guarantee his talent is not going to die away. look at Robinho, how far has he affected the premier league and the club itself? very little. if these gentlemen are willing to put their investment in checked, they must first build a team around not the other way. which player meets the need and which player should be sent to transfer window. however, these things should not concern the owners of the club and instead let the manager squeeze his brain out of his skull to think about players issue. shame on Man City, they let their ego goes unbalanced. AC Milan should also get punished for their irrational conduct. well, i guess they are being too rational considering the huge amount being offered by the gentlemen. $100 million something for a player who may not succeed in the premier league is both sensational and overwhelming. let's see when they are going to stop.

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