Saturday, January 17, 2009


i was about to shut down the laptop, but i found this shocking article about Real Madrid's president Ramon Calderon. he is about to announce his resignation after newspaper  marca  revealed scandal over presidential votes two years ago. furthermore, his secretary made public of his shameful behavior behind closed door. after declining all those allegations, he finally agreed to resign. there were photos to prove his wrongdoing and he will not get away from this one. he failed to secure a deal with the Englishman although David Beckham was eager to sign another extension with the club. i still remember his lashing words to David Beckham on becoming a hollywood star after Becks had agreed to sign for LA Galaxy 2 seasons ago. his conduct was somehow embarrassing and degrading to any player in the world. and now, he pays the price. soon, his 'son' Pedrag Midjatovic will follow suit. if Calderon goes, no one can guarantee he will still be the sports director. some people suggest, Florentino Perez would make a comeback and promised star players will make their way to Real Madrid. but i won't bet on that as he is also had a history with Real Madrid. my beloved club has turned into toothless predator for the second time. when Flo had resigned 3 years ago, Madrid were quickly turned upside down. the team's performance was going anywhere but downhill. i can feel the same way could happen, even if they wish to have the election in the summer. Real are already behind Barcelona in the league standing, and if this Calderon saga continues i doubt they can win anything this season. here's an excerpt of what the article has to say:

Postal votes were not counted and have not been so and that allied with his failed pre-election promises to sign Kakà and Cesc Fàbregas has angered some supporters.
A verbal attack on David Beckham was also not well taken after the England international's decision to join the LA Galaxy...

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