Monday, January 19, 2009


now that Kaka's deal is almost certain, the Abu Dhabi based owner wants other top players to join his party. he will come door to door like a salesman with no dignity and pushes everyone around to buy his goods. after Kaka is sealed, a report told that he might lure Inter's coach Mourinho to manage Man C next season. Mark Hughes is to slow and heavy headed to lead a club that aims to reach champs league next season. Inter Milan will not be the only clubs which under threat from raiding of 'Abu Dhabi businessman' this january. a promised $100 million something could snatch away 2 players from Arsenal and not mention other clubs as well. AC Milan are planning to buy those two Arsenal players with the money they received from Man C owner, supposed they agreed of Man C terms and conditions. this situation will only get worse if Man C's owner decides to 'steal' away star players from other European clubs. rumor has it that, John Terry could be his next target and if he can offer lump sum cash plus huge amount of monthly wages, Terry could be tempted to join the club. however, i find it unlikely for him to leave Chelsea at the moment considering his responsibility as captain in the club. furthermore, Scolari won't let him go at any price, that'd be stupid if he does. i will put my attention closely to this matter, i guess we'll have to wait for further development...

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