Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the deal is now off

after some heated discussion between the two sides, Kaka is finally off the market. in the last minute, Milan's president canceled the deal and wished Kaka to stay in the club instead. it was by far, the most extravagant deal ever involving one player at one time. when Real Madrid brought Zidane from his old club Juventus, it was thought to be the greatest achievement for a football club. but the price was somewhat rational compared to the amount offered to bring in Kaka from AC Milan. i have mentioned earlier in my post that football isn't a place to splash that kind of money. people want to see quality indeed, however denying a player to play for the game itself is somewhat cruel beyond imagination. if let's say this kind of businessmen 'prowling' around Europe and ready to fork out deep into their pocket, how many players would have been tempted to move to a better 'equipped' club? the answer would be many. and what's left in other less equipped clubs? the answer would be not much. it's too sad to imagine that kind of thing could happen in the near future. i just wish it would not be a reality for a very long time. so, Kaka you can now train with your usual teammates while Man C boss can eat his hat out of misery

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