Saturday, January 10, 2009

pato is only thinking about scoring, but pleased playing with becks

Alexandre Pato has been the talk of the town as soon as he has arrived from his home country Brazil. blessed with such talent he is soon embarks on a journey with Italian club AC Milan. although he is only 19, he has been improving a lot and trying hard to impress Milan's coach Carlo Ancelotti. however, such a talent he is, it is still early for him to be guaranteed as a first choice striker. i've seen him play and to be honest he deserves to take time on the bench and learn from him seniors such as Sheva. i am not saying he's not worth it, but he's still young and play time is all he needs. if i were the coach. i would have partnered him with Ronnie up front, in the second half of course. i like his style of play but i am afraid he's a bit too predictable. perhaps he needs to improve on his technique and agility. someday, he will be a star in AC Milan.

i am miss seeing zidane playing football, he is such a legend no one can outdate him including lionel messi and ronaldo. oh and by the way, here's a comment of pato about his obsession with Milan


Milan starlet Alexandre Pato doesn't think much of the fact he is playing alongside superstars like David Beckham, Ronaldinho, and Kaká...

Alexandre Pato is confirming himself as one of the most talented young players around, having already scored six goals for Milan so far this season despite not being a guaranteed starter.

It's likely he will play in Sunday evening's match against Roma, which might also see David Beckham make his official debut for the Rossoneri.

"Beckham is great, not just on the pitch, but outside it as well," Pato told SkySport24. "For me it's a great pleasure to play with him, and train with him. I've been talking to him a lot, I'm happy to be his team mate. He can give a lot to Milan."

On his ambitions for the new year, the 19-year-old said: "I want to do more than last year. I'm happy about what I did last year, and now I'm sure I'll do even better.

"How it feels to play with champions like Kaká, Ronaldinho, and Beckham? I only think about going forward to score goals."

Asked whether he thinks Inter are much stronger than Milan, he said: "They are strong, but so are Milan. There are still a lot of matches to decide who will win the Scudetto.

"Roma-Milan? It will be a great match, Roma are a great team, their coach knows football well, he knows Milan. But Milan are strong and I'm sure they will play a great match."

The Rossoneri can't afford any slip-ups in the second part of the season if they want to compete for the Scudetto as they are currently nine points behind Serie A leaders Inter.

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