Saturday, January 10, 2009

becks good arm

              his old pic

as i browsed David Beckham's official website, i noticed there was this picture (not the one above) of him exposing his bare right arm. i was shocked seeing there was no single tattoo on it, except probably his old tattoos. i mean, no scary, odd looking tattoos covering his arms. well, that was a nice thing to see. i noticed his obsession for tattoos back when he was playing with Real Madrid. yes, there had been few tattoos engrossed on his body prior to his move to Real Madrid but nothing like his covered-whole-arms tattoos which was done few months before leaving Madrid. i was dumbfounded when i had the first look on newspaper. i thought it was some kind of bad printing, but they were real. i disliked the idea and totally against it. but tattoos are meant to last forever, so no turning back i guess. once it's there, nothing can wipe them off our skin, except of course if we want to do some kind of laser surgery or something, but it won't look nice on our skin. Angelina Jolie did it, and probably some other hollywood celebs before her, however i am sure they don't have 2 whole tattooed arms to be taken care of. i heard, his wife victoria was also enraged seeing him tattooed his upper arm although she had sent strong signals of not liking the idea. Becks didn't care that much though, as he has them printed on his body now. i won't be putiing his two tattooed arms in my current post because i hate them

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