Friday, January 23, 2009

unconfirmed report; David Beckham keen on Milan Stay-report has pointed a report saying that Becks might be staying after all. he is supposed to go back to MLS after his loan contract with AC Milan runs out this March. however, some people are suggesting that Becks is keen to prolong his career in AC Milan. being played alongside great players such as Kaka, Maldini and Sheva has put him in a different situation. while he was a lone ranger back at home, in Milan he was a team player. in contrast to Galaxy, he doesn't have lots of burden to carry on his shoulders. each and every player has their own responsibility on the field and urged to take part in every occasion possible. will he go back on his words? i don't know. he has never been that kind of player, however his intention to play in WC 2010 may push him to a different direction. i think the media awaits a perfect moment to snub him right after he signs a permanent contract with the Italian giants, therefore they can have weeks of rocketing sales point. i have learnt from the past that these rumors are very hard to believe, thus i can do nothing except to wait for any confirmation.


Press rumours suggest that Becks is planning to extend his adventure in the peninsula and has also started taking Italian lessons.

Milan have signed David Beckham on loan until the end of the season, but there is a gentleman’s agreement in the deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy to release the England international on March 9, ahead of the start of the MLS season.

But La Gazzetta dello Sport today reports that the 33-year-old is starting to love life in the Belpaese and is apparently ready to forego a sizeable percentage of his wages in order to remain in Lombardy.

'Golden Balls' has settled in well at Milanello and is studying Italian to improve his grasp of the language. And he knows perfectly well that his chances of making the England squad for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa would definitely increase by plying his trade in Serie A rather than in the rather obscure MLS.

Milan general manager Adriano Galliani yesterday reiterated that Beckham is quickly becoming a valuable asset for the team and that he is not a "figurine", but also insisted that contracts "must be respected". But will they?

Vince Masiello,

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