Sunday, January 25, 2009

talk up front

i read an article talking about Becks current loan in AC Milan. the president of the club has spoken once again that David Beckham is going to respect his contract with parent club LA Galaxy. it is indeed that Ancelotti is deeply interested to sign Becks for a long term despite his long contract with Galaxy. he fit in well with his midfielder teammates and considered as stable replacement for Gattuso whom is sitting on the sideline because of injury. however, David Beckham had once said that he only intended to stay for a short term in the Italian club, while other Galaxy players are enjoying their time off. honestly, i believe he will not be backing off from his earlier promises to stay on with LA Galaxy. it is unfortunate however, that he had made such promise therefore nothing could intercept with those promises said before. if he wants to be featured in every England's matches, he has to bear in mind that Milan is his logical option. anyway, he can always find a way to get himself counted. perhaps, he will consider another loan move to guarantee a place in the squad for WC 2010? only he and God know the answer. Becks, sometimes saying i told you so just don't quite say it. i have quoted the words from my favorite movie I Robot, very nice eh?. before his signed with Real Madrid, i had written over and over again in my blog that he should have considered a move to another European elite, it could have been in Italy since it was the only place he had not 'visited'. i was agitated to see his deal finally had gone off smoothly. i'd been hoping to see him playing with a deserved club such as Inter Milan or their city rival AC Milan. instead, he had gone off to a barren club. i am sorry if i offend some people, however a player who intends to play internationally for his country should not consider a move outside Europe. what was he thinking? he thought he could have come to England training camp just like that?. well, Becks since you are not 27 anymore you should work 3 three times harder than other player in order to be picked by Capello. i can only say "enjoy your time in US then"

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