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updates on becks recent match

becks had his part in AC Milan's recent friendly match against hamburg during their off season. usually european leagues, except premier league, have becks kicks a balltheir winter off for 2 weeks and some of the clubs take this day off to get their squad ready for the half season by conducting friendly matches. and it happened AC Milan were having their friendly match in dubai while becks was still fresh joining the team. i know he still have the 'crowd puller' persona on him but some people seem to have forgotten this and chose to pin point silly subject. take a pepsi ad issue for example. while some local newspapers were thrilled seeing international figure landed on their soil, british newspapers had something on their mind. pepsi and david beckham have ended their 10 years of partnership since few days ago and was thought to be a wise decision considering current economic instability around the globe. david beckham is known as #1 football star in the world and hiring him as an ambassador will burden pepsi even more, since he won't come cheap. these irresponsible newsmen seemed eager to forecast becks appeal was likely to deteriorate after the departure of giant beverage company, pepsi from his life. and i noticed, many of them liked the idea of having david beckham stumbled on the ground because of this issue. there's nothing big on this people! one of them had even linked this issue to gillette sponshorship few years ago. ooopppss i am way out of my topic here. okay, let's get back on again. he might have missed few weeks of match but the coach said something positive on him. i want to post those good feedback from the coach himself. apparently, becks was able to make the cut after much speculation of pulling him out from the squad after had been diagnosed of muscle strain a day before the match. i picked this one up but not actually a fan of the sun since their words are at times 'stray' off the line. toward the end you will notice there's one fact is lacking there, which is the win for AC milan. here's the article:

DAVID BECKHAM was praised by boss Carlo Ancelotti after making his AC Milan debut in a friendly victory over Hamburg last night.

Becks played the opening 45 minutes of the showpiece clash in Dubai, which the Italian giants won 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

The former England skipper, 33, put in a solid performance and Ancelotti said: “He gave a very good impression.

“Dynamic quality and also he is an intelligent player.

“Obviously he is not at his maximum because for two months he didn’t do anything.

"But he had a good week with us and now he is in a good condition and can make a good contribution to the team.”

Beckham has joined the Serie A club on a short loan spell from LA Galaxy during the US close season to keep up his fitness and stay in contention for an England spot.

He got involved early on, setting up a chance for Andriy Shevchenko before being subbed at half-time.

Becks, watched by son Cruz in the same kit as his dad, said: “I’m still part of the national team. When I’m playing and when I’m fit the manager has always said there’s a chance he’ll pick me.

“I’ve never played in the Italian league before so it’s going to be exciting.”

Ronaldinho scored Milan’s opener from the spot but Collin Benjamin equalised.

with ac milan

the man himself was satisfied with his first match for AC Milan which i will post the article containing his post match interview after my entry. this would have been the first appearance in dubai for friendly match. becks has joined the giant team since december 08 after weeks of circulating rumors of his imminent arrival in the heart of the city he finally arrived in the italian city. considering the fact that he had signed for 5 years with LA Galaxy, it would have been impossible for him to sign a long term loan with any clubs. he is a man of commitment, so i don't think he would do such thing as breach of contract. instead of training with a club like he had done a year ago with arsenal, he decided to make a loan move to a european club. some said, capello was the man responsible of this loan move to AC Milan. becks wouldn't have done such thing if he had not been pressed by the england manager to be match fit. 2 years ago, becks had joined arsenal in their training sessions to enable him to stay fit during off season. whilst european leagues usually run for at least 8-10 months in a season, unfortunately MLS doesn't go that long, therefore becks needed to sacrifice his holiday in order to play for england. playing for england? does this relate to the topic discussed?. of course, it does. becks happens to be coached by a very strict man named fabio capello. he won't back down from his commitment to only field his best and match fit players during his string as england manager. other wingers available are younger and most importantly, match fit compared to david beckham who hadn't played football since october last year. his loan spell will, of course boost his chances of being picked out by the coach, however i am not sure whether he'll be in the starting line up. i think a lot of people will strongly suggesting the england coach to get other player to fill walcott's boot as a right winger. there are a lot of contenders to mention not including some of teenage sensations in england U-21 squad. nevertheless, becks can still hold his head up high knowing the fact, no one has ever crossed the line as much as he was. i think britons should have been proud to have such a player in their country. he dared to take the challenge by playing in a foreign country to enable him don that jersey once again. i heard many people had go against of reinstating him in the squad simply because of his age. they thought becks would have done all that just because his obsession to overtake shilton's caps for england. funny isn't it? well, not many of them realize that along his career as a footballer, not once he ever chose to 'betray' his club by not signing a new contract. he was booted out from his beloved club man utd because of heated argument with the manager in the dressing room and was embarrassedly showed the door by real madrid after so much psychological pains he had endured during his spell in the club. during those 3 unbearable years he had not walked out though, and instead kept playing until his contract expired on the summer of 2007. have you ever heard any player, not just a regular player, but a star like he is commits to a contract without much of complaining. contrary to other real madrid players, he had not said any negative comments both on his team mates and the club itself during those painful years. well? a true professional indeed. when he had succeeded leaping all those black holes in the past 15 years as a footballer, i believe he will able to do it again to prove people that they are completely wrong.


David Beckham was pleased with his AC Milan debut in yesterday's 1-1 draw with Hamburg.

On-loan from LA Galaxy, midfielder Beckham managed 45 minutes in Dubai and later said: “I am very happy with my first match with the Milan jersey.

“I am satisfied with my performance. I feel a bit tired now, but that’s normal after so many days of intense training.

"I felt good in the middle of the field. My teammates are extraordinary champions and playing with them is easy because they put you in the ideal conditions to do so.”

Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti added: “He played a good game doing what was asked of him.

“We certainly can’t expect him to do something spectacular right away when he has only been training for eight days.” (tribal football)

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