Thursday, January 08, 2009

bad boy antonio cassano shared his moments with becks

antonio cassano was david beckham's former team mate in real madrid. they spent 3 years together and like any other former colleague, he has something to tell people the years together with becks. thanks to tribal football i was able to pick out his comments, check it out.

cassano welcomes ex-madrid teammate to serie A

Sampdoria forward Antonio Cassano has put out the welcome mat for his former Real Madrid colleague David Beckham.

Cassano, speaking to Sky Sport Italia, told of his time together with the English legend at Madrid.

“We had a good rapport at the time we played together at Real.

“I can say that, aside from just a marketing phenomenon, we are talking about a great player here.

“I played alongside him and can say that for certain. Beckham will surely do very well at Milan, because he can interpret all of the midfield roles perfectly.”

Cassano also recalled some of the more humorous moments with Beckham.

“In three years there David never spoke Spanish. Like me at the start, before I got to learn the language, all he knew how to say were swearwords!

“When he arrived in the morning for training I – who always have to bother someone – would often play a few jokes on him and he played along. He’s got a good sense of humour.”

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