Tuesday, January 20, 2009



while some other footballers are trying hard on the field to prove their worth, Robinho is thinking otherwise. he was not in the training camp and the club itself seems puzzled of his whereabouts. it is assumed that he might be in his home country to celebrate his birthday which is on the 25th january. there have been some reports saying that Robinho isn't doing well with Mark Hughes and recent failure to lure Kaka from AC Milan could have triggered his MIA. nonetheless, his action was beyond professionalism and considered as lunatic. fellow Brazilian, Adriano has always shared quite the same antics and regarded as a bad boy in Inter. his lack of team work might end his career in the English club sooner than everyone's expected. his move from the Spanish giant Real Madrid had cost Man C a lot and by giving cold shoulder on his manager, he deserves to be punished. i am sure we can hear the news soon. Robinho, are you out of your mind? it's simply foolish

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