Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new signing?

by now, all Arsenal fans are aware of Wenger's interest on Russian forward Andrei Arshavin. some reports claimed that Zenit St. Petersburg denied previous offers from Arsenal and pushed for more higher transfer fee. this player won't come cheap that's for sure. after glittering display in the EURO 08, he is certainly  targeted by many elite clubs including Barcelona and Arsenal. i was unaware actually on Arsenal's interest especially when the coach had said last season that he had not planned to add his squad member in the near future. however, considering his weak standing in the premier league he might have to chewed off his own words and started to look for some kind of inspiration from new players. plagued by injuries and instability of the youngsters seem to jeopardize Arsenal's dream to win premier league title and possibly, champs league. Wenger needs some reinforcement and it doesn't come from the inside. he has to make sure at least, a title is sealed in the trophy room this season, otherwise gooners all over the world would start to question his leadership. not to mention other rich clubs peeking over the peep hole ready to snatch away young star captain Cesc Fabregas. AC Milan are also interested to strengthen his team next season by bringing promising striker, Adebayor from the gunners. i hope Arshavin will come and help the team in any ways possible.

judging by the team's performance last weekend, i can safely say that Samir Nasri is ready for battle in the premier league. after his absence for many weeks of injury, he can become sort of a 'leader' in the up front. seeing him play it reminds of Ljunberg. he is now off football and take his time elsewhere. and now Arsenal are having 'Ljunberg' for the second time. i am actually not in the mood blabbering about anything perhaps i can talk more sense in a different time.

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