Sunday, January 25, 2009



good pic! i found this from always reliable Justjared, of course. it seemed i missed taking this one from my previous visit to the webpage. it's an old article and it's funny how did i miss taking this one? at least, i've got it now. can't wait to watch him play this weekend against Bologna which i expect him to start. however, much of enthusiasm i am still unsure whether it will be broadcasted live in here. pray to God it will, coz it'll be a blast.

Arsenal are playing in FA Cup this evening and i am hopeful they will get through. other premier big clubs had made their way and if Arsenal were to be dumped by low profile club, i would be embarrassed. the only thing bugs me though, is the fact that it will air one hour after the Milan's match *sigh* i know already who will win the competition

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