Sunday, January 25, 2009

it's been a long time


it's been a while since i have had them in my blog. 4 years ago, both of us had been renaming our FS to 'TEAM JOLIE' dedicated to the couple. there had been hate messages pointed to Angelina Jolie due to rumors claiming she had taken Brad from JenAs by force. it also means, she had an affair with Mr. Brad while he was married to JenAs. wow! wait a minute people. way before he and JenAs split, Brad had always reminded JenAs of the importance of family value in one's life. and it seemed, JenAs was too busy with her career and pretended not to know Brad's need for real family value. in other words, he wanted children with JenAs. however, instead of calming down she geared up for more. the marriage nearly collapsed and needed friends' advises and helps in order to get it back on track. at first, it worked, however JenAs hadn't kept to her words. she floored the gas even further, and lead to another crack in their marriage. and that's where Angelina came into the picture. by then, she had adopted a child named Maddox. contrary to JenAs, she was more laid back and children loving. i guess Brad was quickly made a move to get closer to both of them and felt something he had not experienced before. he had found a family at last. like people say, the rest is history.

picture taken from justjared

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