Wednesday, February 04, 2009

another interesting update

after having read a promising arrival of Arshavin to Arsenal, i was actually surprised to read another shocking article. this however, does not involve Arsenal whatsoever. this post is talking about David Beckham current adventure in AC Milan. it is no secret that the club want him to stay longer than he s supposed to. his loan contract expires on March 9 and he will soon be expected to fly back to US and join his teammates before the season starts. however, a supposed temporary stay has turned to be an exciting joyride for the Englishman. he enjoys good performances as well as partnership with Pirlo and it will be a sad story if he leaves the club after they had figured out the missing puzzle. as beautiful as it sounds, i still hold my ground. last time i checked, press could sometime be pain in the stomach. but i prefer to wait and see...

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