Tuesday, February 03, 2009

quick update

well, last night was pretty long for me personally. having written long posts, i think i deserve a rest today; however, as i browsed a website good news popping up the screen claiming that Arshavin will be revealed as Arsenal player this week. the catch is, FA need time to process his papers and everything. unfortunately, he is not the only player joins premier league at the edge of closing seconds last night. according to the article, right before the time ticked closer to midnight, both clubs have agreed on terms and conditions as well as personal requests from the player himself. i am not sure myself whether or not this news is reliable as the sun goes down, but i believe the player will not take this easy if the deal should break down again. another article also pointed out that Arshavin could actually join the Gunners this tuesday which is today according to my timezone. if let's say he were to join Arsenal this week, it'd would be an awesome addition to a battered Wenger's squad which is yet to find best form this season. he will not be automatically chosen though as he has yet to accustomed with premier league style of play. i don't know what's running on Wenger's mind as he once again ignored people's call for snatching a center midfield player before the winter transfer closes. since the departure of captain Cesc, Arsenal have looked more vulnerable than ever, therefore adding one experienced center midfield player will not hurt the club. instead of looking for credible center midfielders, he chose to 'goose chase' Arshavin, a forward by natural. he is more like a striker to me although he can also be easily slotted into the center of the squad. if he joins, it is good for us but if we fails to land him i don't mind at all. we do have ample players to finish this season, however none of them as aspiring as former captain Patrick Vieira. we are now more desperate to get injured players back on the field again. Rosicky, Dudu and Cesc are recovering pretty nicely. Dudu is the most certain among the three players to come back this February and i do hope he will add muscles up front. last week we had a disastrous play against Everton and came up with nothing except 1 point which is not enough to threaten #4 inhabitants Aston Villa. we need to start looking for inspiration that we lack in recent weeks. it seems such thing is looking elsewhere instead of coming here....

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