Monday, February 09, 2009

Arsenal news

i have compiled few news relating to my beloved Arsenal. one thing that has put my attention to full speed was a news regarding 3 key players in the club. Cesc, RVP and Ade are tipped to receive transfer move if Arsenal were not able to regain their form and climb to #4 spot this season. in recent years, Arsenal have been losing key players instead of breeding magnificent players. Pires, Ljunberg, Ashley Cole had long gone and the most famous exit had been Thierry Henry’s departure to Barcelona. since then, Arsenal have been struggling to get themselves considered as one of the best in Europe. they used to send enemies back to their own backyard, sprinting like madmen. but today, they are nobody. not even minnows are afraid of the Gunners anymore. i am not belittle my own favorite club, however the truth bites me back really hard. Wenger needs to do something fast or else, they will lose everything and everyone on that matter.

on other matter, new arrival Andrei Arshavin has made clear that he will need time to settle down in premier league. he had never set foot outside Russian league and will require patience to get himself used to in difficult league such as this one.

it is unfortunate to see Theo Walcott missing big friendly game against Spain next week. he has injury on his shoulder and will not be back until next month. however, England coach has wasted no time in giving him positive remarks on his previous performances with England and claiming him as the England’s best. looks like he is very much impressed by the young striker and will missing his presence on the right. but don’t worry they got plenty of stocks, David Beckham for example.

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