Monday, February 09, 2009

another terrible result

as if one draw is not enough, and now i have to swallow another bitter draw that came from Arsenal’s last match against city rival, Totenham Hotspur. it certainly makes my weekend even worse. well, my weekend was not totally at lost here, but i was expecting good results from both clubs as they are now battling for life and death in their respective league standings. AC Milan have not won Scudetto for a while now and need 3 points to enable them get closer to Inter Milan. instead of doing so, they were crumbled at home by gaining only 1 point, whereas their rivals, Inter cruised through.

Arsenal were not doing well since the start of the game and looked pretty rusty throughout. i couldn’t help chimed in every now and then considering their weak passes resulting to losing possession time and time again. they had not reflected the Arsenal i knew few years ago. the Arsenal i knew were tougher and bolder than they had displayed today. they were famous of the classic counterattack and dangerous passing. i barely saw their man-to-man-passing which made them respected in the premier league like they showed some years ago. it seems these essential trademark has drown in the deep of the ocean. and as time passes by, players are no longer accustomed to the traditional counterattacking style, and instead they are using different kind approach. i could see that their level of confidence has shrink into the size of hobbit and will only get smaller. from what i saw in the game, each player has no understanding to each other and massively relying on their individual abilities instead of working together. it’s not going to help them to win a title this year. i am not dreaming but winning a title is still possible. however, with this kind of attitude they are nowhere near champions as they wanted to be. there was no driving force in the squad and it seems both RVP and Ade evaporated into mist in this match. looks like they are missing their captain Cesc more than ever. i had stated before in my post that Arsenal need someone who can inspire them and burn their spirit like fire break in the mid day. in Man Utd, they have Wayne Rooney to do the job and he has done greatly for the club. in Liverpool, Ste-G is the one who handles the game on the field. while Chelsea have the outspoken captain, John Terry to motivate his men. who do we have? stand-in captain Kolo Toure is one of a kind, however he is somewhat different from his old self and look terrible mid air. i prefer to have someone who is ‘loud’ but make himself known in the team. but it doesn’t make me a fan of Gallas; he is too much to handle i think. say, where can they get the inspiration they have been looking for? certainly not in the store.

I’d read an article some time ago saying that Clichy had been ‘enjoying’ his time off pretty badly. no, he had not been involved in a club brawl, or at least not just yet. he had been seen partying hard and drinking liquor more than he supposed to. he is 23 and i don’t blame him to have good time during his young age, he leaves in London after all. and looks like he has admitted what could have possibly gone wrong in the famous London club. he takes the blame pretty cleanly but it doesn’t make a saint as well. he needs to take lessons from his seniors for his own sake. look at England stars Gazza and George Best. both of them made a terrible decision and suffered from it. both of these men, had not gone well in the football. their dirty habit of heavy drinking had pushed them far from their best and had faded away earlier than they should have to. what he should do, is to calm down and take each step really carefully. once he is broken, it is possible it could not be meant back together.

i don’t usually rate players after a match, but today is an exception. i will only give 3 best players and worse players.

1.Nasri 7.5

2.Almunia 7.0

3.Sagna 6.5

1.Eboue 5.0

2.Denilson 5.5

3.Ade 5.5

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