Saturday, February 07, 2009

comments on becks




it’s so funny reading a whole lot of circus in the media. the most recent joke i found was a feud between Luis Figo and David Beckham during their spell in Real Madrid had caused Figo to enter the exit door pretty soon after Becks had joined Los Galacticos. what? don’t they have something better to do rather than writing such rubbish like this one?. i still remember Becks said that Figo was the central figure to bridge the gap between him and his Real Madrid teammates.  Figo was the only one who could speak English fluently and it helped Becks to settle pretty quickly since his Spanish command was limited. i have tons of pictures to prove Becks ‘innocence’ on this matter. i am not trying to be a lawyer here, but they were not foes both on and off the field. this rumor was actually brought up so they could have something to report on ahead of derby match next week. Figo has come clear and playing down any rumors of having feud with the Englishman while they were teammates a while back ago. newsmen are clearly out of ideas, you better come up with something decent next time  around guys!



Arsene Wenger is one of David Beckham’s fan. well, he is not actually a fan like i am but he is impressed by Becks attitude both on and off the field. and his comment is clearly favoring Becks to play for Milan instead of going back to LA Galaxy. he is a fair judge though.

his current teammate, Gennaro Gattuso has lent his hands to fuel up even further a rumor claiming Beckham’s desire to play for AC Milan longer than the loan deal. i am not blaming him though, he’s more a straightforward guy and if he was asked “would Beckham stay in Milan?”, he would have never said lies unless necessary of course.

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