Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rachel Bilson wears Batik


football aside now, just for a minute or two i think. it so nice to see one of Hollywood celebs is wearing Batik, our national heritage. although some other country claiming that Batik is actually theirs, i am not convince with their acknowledgement since no official body has come and given them the rights to claim Batik as their national asset and sue everyone if they fail to comply with rules and regulations, we are not going to give up promoting its beautiful pattern to the whole world. unfortunately for us, we have not had the willingness to promote Batik as part of our national history. if we can prove Batik is ours, UN will certainly give us the backing. however, our government seem content with their personal issues rather than stepping up to new challenges faced by our country. and we are now facing great danger from all sides who want to steal our identity. what is a country without cultures? nothing.

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