Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a crime!

i can safely say that this news had made my day from good to worse. well, as some people might have known, Rihanna would make a stop in Jakarta this February to hold her first appearance in South East Asia. she has been huge success since her last album good girl gone bad had topped most charts all over the world including in Indonesia. her first attempt had been postponed due to security warning from her government, however the second one was good to go before this incident happened 2 days ago. apparently, her boyfriend Chris Brown had decided she could be her ‘target practice’ for his improving martial art skill and oh boy, how good he had been. according to reports, she might have sustained more than it had been reported earlier. this man, Chris Brown is a seriously ill, mentally i mean. how could he have done something horrible like that? what could have triggered the fight? love affair?. there has been no development so far, and i am sure we can hear more after official announcement will be made this week, i suppose. damn! i didn’t see it coming.

let me refresh my memory back when Rihanna had started dating this guy. well, i was not a fan of him and not now either. however, i could understand Rihanna was ready to take in a guy to her house and it seemed Chris Brown had fit the criteria to be a good boyfriend. it’s been a year and a half i think and the couple had grown intimate day by day and not a single break up sign appeared for this couple. i have never ever tolerated Rihanna for dating this guy although i could fully accept her need to be with somebody she thought to be a good company. the last time i heard about her supposed engagement, i was kinda angry. i don’t know why, i just did. hey everybody! i am a completely normal person and jealousy was not the correct answer. i had such bad feeling for this guy but i could not quite pin point as to what have had caused it. could it have been caused by his ‘muppet’ voice? no i don’t think so. but somehow, i just did not feel right. months later i have finally found the ultimate answer. he actually a beater and sore loser that’s for sure. this is no way of getting 5 minutes of fame. and now, his damaged had already done but certainly not gone. i can’t wait to hear from the news.

i hope you can be strong Rihanna! you are a great singer and certainly deserves someone better than Chris. be strong and get better soon….

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