Tuesday, February 10, 2009

say no to racism

not much from the world of David Beckham, in football wise that is. anyway, Rio Ferdinand has made himself clear that Becks deserves the call especially after his stunning performance in recent weeks with AC Milan. well, he at least has made into the squad and now, it is up to Capello whether or not he will give Becks a nod to play part in the friendly. having used to play with Real Madrid a couple of years ago, i believe it will be a memorable return for him playing in Sevilla’s stadium as he had endured different kind of emotions during his 4 seasons. i don’t know how the crowd will react when he enters the field, but i hope it will be a good one. if i am not mistaken, the match should have been played in Santiago Bernabeu, but England FA have had criticism on how the racism remarks from the Bernabeu crowd being handled by the officials. last time they had encountered each other, racism chants were thrown at colored players of England. it was not nice match either, so i hope this time around they can keep their ego in-check during the match, if not Spanish  FA must investigate with seriousness level way up to the sky.

racism is  backward everybody! God has given us the chance to learn something from each other, therefore we must take it with pride. do you actually think, only “white” people who has had great success around the world while others were simply nonexistent?. looks at some biggest names in sports. how many of them are colored? many that’s for sure. they can make such huge impact on society and open everyone’s eyes that intelligence is somewhat we all have been graced upon by God. and He does not pick at random. everyone deserves a success, no one is excluded.

on other matter, Milan’s chief Berlusconi is willing to step in Becks deal with LA Galaxy. they have made themselves known that if Milan want Becks badly, they have to come up with improved offer before it is too late. Galaxy are not keen on waiting and have urged AC Milan to speed up their negotiation talks before the start of MLS season this upcoming March. well, that could only mean one thing: LA Galaxy are ready to lose their biggest star, but with a price of course. last time AC Milan had tabled about 6 million Euros and possibly would need to dig a littler deeper in the second round as their first bid had been rejected by the Californian side because they believe the offer had been too “little”. when Kaka saga had made headlines in January transfer window, Berlusconi was the key to unlock the broken padlock. both AC Milan and Man C were involved in tug of war with nothing of solution could be reached, Berlusconi willing to intervene and reject Man C offer out cold. probably this time, he’ll do the same and make Becks a Milan player. who knows? let’s be ready for the news next week as the league is resting due to some of friendly games.

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