Tuesday, February 03, 2009


i should have gone to bed hours ago, but i am still here stuck posting important news from football world. it is as if i am working with newspaper agency of some kind. anyway, right before the winter transfer window closed, Arsenal and Zenit have agreed on terms and personal demands from their player Arshavin. at the bottom of the article there’s an update saying that the deal has gone through and the player himself has passed his medical tests. how reliable this news is far from my acknowledgment, however it is like a breeze of fresh air in the drought zone. coz i am too lazy and sleepy to write the whole article, i am more willing to post a link to the website. hopefully, tomorrow will be a much better day.

as hours have dragged my on, more interesting news are flashing on the website. the one that has left me perplexed for few minutes was the deal between Liverpool and Totenham Hotspur. both parties have agreed to terms and conditions of which let the ex-Totenham player to become a Totenham player once again. what is this? i don’t know what was Benitez’s reasons to spend over 18 million over a player who later he discarded for possibly a lower fees he had paid to Totenham. haste decision or simply an act to piss off owners? mmmm….i would prefer the latter. anyway, as silly as it sounds, Tot can rest assured that their former-player-once-again-player will rise and help them as hard as he can. will he be able to do that? no one can give answers. so, let’s walk in the park and see what’s their next story will be


after i posted the news regarding Arshavin transfer saga few moments ago, it came out nowhere. reliable source claimed that the deal is finally off. now i can see why some politicians do hate pressmen.  papers claimed that the deal is still working on, while some others published otherwise. what on earth is happening? i thought we are only getting this kind of thing in Hollywood. i didn’t know that Hollywood saga is also a part of football world. perhaps, i was right Zenit were playing us all along. they have never agreed on this move and planned all along that this deal must be terminated with any reasons possible. you are sick, y’know that?  let’s move on. who cares about Arshavin anymore? if he’s ours he will, but at the time being we better prepare for next match. i noticed that since this saga came splashing all over the headlines, Arsenal performance has been nothing but a failure. we ought to focus in our games and make Arsenal a better team, come on y’all

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