Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hopeful of extension

And now, AC Milan find more solid reason to extend Becks extension to a permanent move. earlier in the deal, he is supposed to end his ‘adventure’ in Milan before MLS season starts this March. however, after convincing performances, AC Milan are seemed more determined to snatch Becks from LA Galaxy. it’s a pity they could only do it on October 09 instead of this winter. it is also depend on Becks himself; is he willing to buy out his remaining contracts and land on another club in less than a decade? well, he’s the one who has all the answers.

i would like to elaborate a little bit in here. his first and foremost obstacle would be his own family. Victoria has reaffirmed her objection to move their children to a non-English country once again. she has so many things to do in Hollywood including her own clothing line, i doubt she will ever agree to his view. if let’s say Becks were able to iron out his loan deal, what would he plan to do with his children? they are settled really well in US and doing good in school which of course offering English rather than Spanish or Italian. this helps them to do better in their education and learning process. second challenger would be his own club, LA Galaxy. he had signed 5 years contract with them and promised to help MLS get noticed among Americans themselves. so far, his effort is growing but i doubt it’ll get bigger anytime soon. i think i am quite agree with a person who had left a comment on a website claiming that only WC title can earn respect from other countries. meanwhile, Galaxy’s coach Bruce Arena had fired a warning to AC Milan for not interfering with Becks contract in Galaxy. i am positive, he will be reluctant to lose his best midfielder to a European club. i heard Bayern Munich are also interested with Landon Donovan and seeking a possibility to land the American striker anytime soon. he is doing well in German and determine to make his time there as useful as possible. i am sure Arena won’t be joyful reading the news. if Becks can make a move out from the club, i bet Donovan is considering to leave as well. let’s wait and see about that.

what has motivated David Beckham to seek a loan deal and work his fitness  up in a European club in merely three months? the answer is of course to enable him to be called up by England coach Fabio Capello for a friendly match against Spain this February. please take note that he is hoping to get selected in the team not only for the friendly match only but also in the future as well. he is dreaming to play in WC 2010 which would make him the longest player ever served for England in history. and of course in order to be picked, he had to perform in highest level possible which something MLS cannot offer to Beckham. he had played for Man Utd and Real Madrid in the past and he wants to sign off from football by playing in MLS? a really foolish reason so far made by David Beckham. while he could have gone to a bigger club, he had chosen to go to no man’s land. they don’t even have a proper football field let alone dressing room. in Milan he could go far by playing against top flight clubs around Europe and increase his chances of becoming the most capped player in England. please take note once again that go back to MLS will demolish his obsession forever. Capello is unconvinced over MLS standard and has sent messages to Becks that he might get omitted if he decides to exit San Siro. harsh as it sounds, he is right though. he only wants the best for his team and by doing so, he can achieve great things for England. allowing only the best into his squad could take England far and win a title or two.

want to know my opinion? my opinion is that Beckham will certainly be back before MLS season starts. it simply because he cannot back down from his words. plus, he will be able to see his family more often than he is today. besides, he can always work hard in US. i am sure Capello wouldn’t mind flying to LA see Becks play. however, i doubt it will happen in the near future. sadly, there are many candidates to replace Beckham, so if he’s gone a lot of people won’t miss him.

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