Monday, February 02, 2009

good match

wow! there have been many updates in and i was unaware of any of them. no need to worry coz i am back in business. looks like a win in Roma had made a lot people who doubted Becks effect in Serie A realized their errors and finally concede their defeat. when he was first signed with the Rossoneri, many people had casted doubt over his capability to put together nearly-cracked the Italian giants in less than 6 months. on the contrary, he shows to the world that his commitment is nonetheless far more worth it than all the gossips and false news that has been splashing all over the front page. one of AC Milan player, i think it was Kaladze, made a unusual comment on Becks imminent arrival in the Italian  capital. he said something like “who’s our next signing? Brad Pitt?”. well, he now knows who is the real David Beckham. he might be a football star off the field, but he is still a player who had joined Man Utd many years ago. his passion for football is exemplary to younger generation. he might not posses a huge deal of technical skill, but he never fails to accept challenges from his haters. he is now 33 years old and will soon turn 34, but he could be the missing puzzle AC Milan have been searching for. from the article i have read, Ancelotti made public of his satisfaction to his new signing claiming that Becks provides balance a team needs and has lifted huge burden off Pirlo’s shoulders. it is interesting indeed how Becks could have done this in less than 6 months of his arrival in the club. this is of course down to his work rate in both training and playing. he gives width and balance AC Milan have been longing for and quickly became a favorite in the city. Kaka whose goal also helped Milan got their 3 points has his say . Pato who was also contributed to the team last night has his own view of the match. it seems this young player cannot help to get in the game every now and then. his goal tally is now reaching 10 goals. the most scored to his record. will he add another goal next week? we’ll see. Zambrotta did okay throughout the match before replaced by teenager Darmian in the 86th minute. he is also satisfied with how things are going for his team and suggesting that Milan are improving slightly from their weakest performance few days ago. whilst Beckham enjoyed great night, Pirlo was nowhere near his best in the match and constantly losing his pass. however, he was clearly impressed by how his team performed and declaring to Inter that they are ready to poach the title from their grasp.

the star of the night was awarded with inclusion into the team to face Werder Bremen in UEFA Cup later this month. i believe the decision to include Becks had been made before the match against Lazio. Bremen had proven to be a tricky team and Milan need their best players to take part in the match. if i am not mistaken, Bremen had faced Chelsea some time ago and were able to make the English team look embarrassing in their home ground. although Chelsea made the cut in the second leg, Bremen had proven to be hard to crack. hopefully Becks would be able to help his team to reach final. what i was trying to say was, if he were able to help Milan through this legs, there would be a chance Rossoneri flying to the final although he most probably isn’t going to be available because his loan runs out in Mrch 8th. i am not sure whether this Cup would be his first UEFA match in his entire career. during his stay in Man Utd, he had always been involved in the Champs League. even though his seasons with Real Madrid had proved to be rather gloomy, except for his final season, they had never failed to secure a spot in the big four. his time in Milan could bring him to a new cup level, although this is far from top flight Champs League. at least, his credentials cover the whole thing. Champs League, UEFA Cup you name it. gave a review after AC Milan’s last match and ‘bestowed’ Becks the most effective player on the field. it seems he has formed a good partnership with Andrea Pirlo and providing balance in the midfield. here’s how the review goes:

Pirlo – 6.5: The World Champion was involved in the play more often than not tonight; however his accuracy was off at times throughout. He still managed to make his presence felt though, as he continues to acclimatize himself to life alongside Beckham.

Beckham – 7.5: A brilliant display by the Englishman, as it undoubtedly was his most impressive performance in Milan colours to date. Two wonderful assists to set up the first two goals, and an all round dominant performance that led his side to victory on the night.

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