Wednesday, February 04, 2009



well, this is interesting. last time, i posted an article suggesting that Victoria did not like the idea of moving to a non-Engish country for the sake of her three sons. they are doing well in the States and moving to a completely different country is somewhat challenging for most children. they have settled well in school and most probably in other places too. if the newspaper was correct, it could only mean one thing: Becks is ready to join AC Milan. however, LA Galaxy seem reluctant to release a player who has caused them a lot of cash 2 years ago and releasing him without getting any trophy is clearly an insane idea. if Arshavin deal had been tiring everyone's mind, then it will not be in the same degree with this one. LA Galaxy will fight until the last minute in order to keep Becks in the squad. nevertheless, i should probably wait until the news is confirmed before jumping into a conclusion

meanwhile, his 5 star performance was given thumbs up by many people and that is why he's been inserted in Serie A team of the week in

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