Saturday, February 07, 2009

David Beckham wants to stay


well, that was the man said. by now, Galaxy’s coach Bruce Arena had probably bitten off one of his fingers after hearing one of his ‘golden’ boys still has a desire to play in Europe. i don’t blame him though. if i were in his shoes i should have probably pinched his nose and drag him back to to the training camp. they had signed him for $250 million worth of contract and it binds him for 5 years!. i say! that’s a lot of money and courage as well to buy a 31 years old player . he has not won any trophy since his arrival and leaving the club would make him a joke all over the world. i know his single desire is to be included in every England match, however backing off from his words seems a coward to me. i can’t blame him either. in Galaxy, he barely feels like playing football. winning matches seems more difficult with inadequate players currently signed for Galaxy let alone winning trophies. i remember him complaining once, about poor condition of the field. i guess Kettering Town have much better equipment than US clubs. their passion has never been about football and has never said anything about investing their time and money on it. how many people had actually attended football match every week? not many. i heard LA Galaxy have garnered profit from the attendance since Becks arrival and i have a doubt they are going to let him go that easy.

i have always had something against David Beckham plan to join LA Galaxy. i always knew he would have never let a chance to go by if he had been offered a permanent place in the England line up. the catch is, he might just miss it if he plays outside European clubs. unfortunately for him, the coach job happened to be landed in Capello’s hands. everyone knows him to be a tough guy and he will not let his players go beyond their responsibilities. for example, he has banned his squad from partying hard before a match and it is clearly helping the team to have better shape during the game. he also applying strict eating policy which enable each player to perform better than before. those are just two examples among many no non-sense policies he has had applied soon after his arrival. if Becks were to join Milan, i am sure it will benefit the two parties but i am not too sure whether he will be able to do so.

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