Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i thought this song is really suits her right now. well, believe it or not, some songs that either written or sung by a singer could actually reflect their live. i am not talking about post mortem here, but anti mortem which also means before the tragic incident happens. one singer i know is actually experiencing a true life story after her husband had cheated on her for a model. month before, she had released a single telling a story about a woman who had been cheated by her lover. and that’s not the only case everyone. i couldn’t quite place another incident but i am sure this has been happening for some time. well, sometimes these things do happen in our life and we can’t do anything about it. i guess the worse part was, we wrote the whole thing and knew how painful it must have been, however we couldn’t have done anything to stop it from happening. we were the least person on earth who wanted some sort of thing to happen in our life but it happened anyway. so sad, if only we were able to reverse it



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