Saturday, February 14, 2009

is it real?

amazing! according to this article as well as this one David Beckham might not be joining AC Milan after all. LA Galaxy confirmed today that Milan had made no further deal regarding their on loan player. however, Adriano Galliani was confident to be able to retain Beckham’s ‘assistance’ after his loan period expires upcoming March. i don’t know what to say obviously. i have mixed feelings over his future. at one side, i love to see him playing in the highest level possible, but on the other hand i would feel cheated if he were to backed down from his own words and promises. he had disappointed many of his Galaxy fans and a lot of them want him to stay away from the club. however, Galaxy’s chief Tim Leiweke decides otherwise. he thinks Becks can still give a lot to the team especially when they are down and desperately need goals to win a match. i wonder if he had to go back, how the fans are going to react? would he endure some sort of hell breaks loose again like what he had when England lost to Argentina in WC 98? but this time he won’t be receiving any support from anyone. unlike, his old days in Man Utd, LA Galaxy fans are not keen to see him playing for their side again and would like to see him leave. he won’t be welcomed that’s for sure. poor Becks, why did he have to leave Europe in the first place anyway? and now he has to pay for his foolishness.

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