Saturday, February 07, 2009

no money, no problem

Becks was doing a post interview with one of leading newspapers in Italy and stating his desire to stay longer than the loan period stated. everyone knows that he is due in LA Galaxy training camp on March 9 and by saying this, it is unlikely he wants to return to Home Depot pretty soon. Capello has said earlier that playing at the highest level will help his chances of playing with England in 2010. Milan have high notes over their capability to lengthen a player’s time of play. take Maldini for example, he’s 40 but still playing an important part in the heart’s of defense. Becks has also been acknowledged by AC Milan’s team of doctors to be able to play for many years to come. it’s a good news for him of course, but i am much more interested on how he is doing today. so far, he has made a positive impact to the team and continues to help them pressure league leaders Inter Milan to make mistakes. if he continues to play like this, he might be given a chance to play in WC 2010. on his previous interview, Becks claimed that money is no longer an issue here because he is searching more than the value of $ can buy. he is even willing to take massive salary cut once he joins AC Milan. this is something new of course. i have never heard a football player willing to be paid nearly half of his salary in order to play for his country. well, he might not be receiving so little, if not Kaka and Ronaldinho would have never be landed in San Siro.

he is enjoying his time in Italy and continue to impress many people including Milan legend Jose Altafini whose comment surprises me the most. one thing that impresses everyone is the fact that he will prove his critics wrong in positive ways. that one thing is so rare today even if we want to compare with finding a single good looking straight guy walk in the Hollywood; the latter will still win by narrow percentage.


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