Saturday, February 07, 2009

Milan have bid for David Beckham

it appears that Milan have had their representative engaged to LA Galaxy for quite some time. since the beginning of his arrival, not many would predict Becks would have regained his best form in less than a month. from the interview i  have watched, Becks too was puzzled over his recent development. so far, he has scored 2 goals and pocketing 2 assists. will he do he the same this morning? i don’t know, i hope he will. anyway, Milan have projected their desire to retain the Englishman for a permanent basis rather than a loan deal which of course will expire next month. somehow, Becks forms a good partnership with Pirlo in the center midfield and provides balance Milan have been waiting so long. and i believe this is one of the main reasons Milan are desperately holding Becks from going back to his club LA Galaxy. unfortunately, the bid has been rejected considering the amount offered by Milan was less ‘attractive’ from Galaxy’s point of view. i guess they are willing to let him go with $60 million deal plus add ons. i am not too sure whether Milan would give in to their demand since the recent economic slowdown has dampen everyone’s financial status including big football clubs. will they or won’t they? only God knows. last time i checked, he is still a Galaxy player. here’s the link for an article in which tells me why Galaxy had Milan bid rejected

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